BLACK SHARK, part 2: the journey to Rendsburg

From her maiden splash to the ongoing outfitting

Imperial ended its very busy year 2019 around the coastlines of Kiel, on December 12th, for one of the major milestone of 77m Nobiskrug-built Project BLACK SHARK: finally afloat, the striking collaboration between the shipyard, Winch Design, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design and Imperial shown the aggressive curve of her superstructure and the striking reverse to her bow. This impressive creations speak volumes.  “It’s a rewarding feeling for all involved,” says Nobiskrug director Fadi Pataq. “It’s the first time when you see all the designers’ sketches take shape, all the arguments and all the agreements coming together. We sometimes lose sight of how many people it takes to get a yacht from inception to completion.”

It is hard to believe looking at her coherent form in the water, but the hull was built in three huge sections that were welded together at the end of the construction process. In August 2019, the ready-made superstructure was lowered into position and married to the hull over the course of three weeks. “It sounds simple, but it’s a long process,” says Pataq. The towing of a hull from Kiel to Nobiskrug’s Rendsburg facilities always marks a significant milestone in a  new build project. For BLACK SHARK, the landmark has been complemented with the publishing of new renderings, which reveal an imposing bow analysed in details by her guests in Kiel prior her departure, generous volume and striking colour scheme.


The hull towing

ack on the dock in Kiel, two tugs bustle alongside and take lines attached to temporary eyelets welded to the bow and stern. With a shrill blast on its horn, the lead tug starts – ever so gently – to prise the dormant hull away from the quay at 10am. It picks up speed and turns north towards the entrance of the famous Kiel Canal, up which the boats must travel to reach Nobiskrug’s superyacht outfitting yard at Rendsburg, at a maximum speed of 8kn. Carefully followed by the Imperial New Construction team and the Nobiskrug representatives throughout the cruise, the journey would end at 1:30pm the same day. ” You can begin to see the design coming through.” says Nick Flashman, Imperial project Manager. “It’s a big difference when you get it out from the steel shop – it’s a different philosophy when all that dirty work is done. Every day, she’ll look a little more like the final product.”  After having passed under the three high bridges that span the Kiel Canal, BLACK SHARK arrived in the picturesque branch off the main canal that hosts the Nobiskrug facility and waste no time tugging in to the dock.

From the time the vessel is securely installed in the dock, and this one is perfectly dried. the hull will be undercovered and will set in her new home until she is ready to swim again. The construction process takes here a new important step. Here, the hull will be painted matte black to mimic the texture of the skin of a black shark. In contrast, the superstructure will wear a sporty, metallic silver colour to complement the mast, which has been designed to resemble a shark fin. The dark exterior colour will wrap three decks which have been specifically designed by Winch Design to emphasise the yacht’s voluminous 2,080GT. That won’t be until 2021, when her transformation into one of the world’s most eye-catching superyachts will be complete.

Flashman adds: ” The next milestone is floating for dock trials in 12 months’ time. By then, the vast majority of the interior cabling will be done, plus all the exterior outfitting. We’ll also be looking for an operational captain in a year’s time. We’ve now got five Imperial staff working full-time at the yard. There’s lots to be done before everything is up and running.” Imperial is delighted to share new full renderings of the vessel, which undoubtedly give a new approach to this exciting project!


Watch this space to keep the track on the different building episodes and info we share about BLACK SHARK.

Throughout the construction, we will share the different articles about BLACK SHARK. Use the 'black shark' tag to find them here.

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