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Arctic adventures: An experience for the Explorers

The beauty of a luxury superyacht charter is that the world opens up into a more accessible playground of fascinating places to visit. Go off the beaten-track this summer and avoid the hotspots of the Mediterranean by exploring one of the last unspoiled areas on the globe. The Nordic region, and especially Norway, has incited many feelings of mystery and intrigue for thousands of years; those endless nights, some awash with the effervescent Northern Lights, the incredible hordes of wildlife not found elsewhere… Enjoy a superyacht charter with a difference this summer and swap the sandy beaches of the Riviera for the glaciers and fjords of Norway.

While the French Riviera concentrates almost 1/3 of the worldwide during the heavily busy summer season, Imperial is happy to offer alternative and new boundaries in the yacht charter industry. Thinking about northern lights, wild life or short days for your trip already confirm you are ready to cross all stereotypes. Exploring the Northern Europe region during the summer is a very different holiday option: from the northernmost city in the world, Tromsø, to the wild and breathtaking iced landscapes of north of Norway, the options are plethora! We combined below a quick suggested itinerary our Charter department could easily continue to build with you: give to your next yacht journey a taste of exploration and unusual, and discover where we are ready to cruise with you…


Imperial’s favorite option leads you to an approximate 600nm between Tromsø, Bear Island, Svalbard and Longyearbyen. With fairytale scenery and majestic wildlife, embark from the city of Tromsø, the northernmost city in the world, just 271 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Explore the town, filled with the antique rustic wooden houses Northern Norway is famed for, all the while keeping a look out for the incredible – but elusive – Northern Lights. The city is surrounded by the stunning Lyngen Alps, and a day’s ski excursion is possible for a majority of the year, although the subarctic temperatures keep ground level relatively warm. From May until late July the midnight sun is visible, giving way to the mystical blue twilight from April until August, meaning the area never truly experiences the darkness of night.

From here set sail towards the Spitsbergen Islands, and stop off en-route to explore the spectacular shores of the uninhabited Bear Island, named after the polar bear spotted swimming of its coast by C16th Dutch explorers. As you approach the southern most part of the Svalbard archipelago, keep an eye out for whales, the local walrus colonies, and the revered Puffins that flock around the cliffs. Exploring the shore, remains from whale hunting posts and the coal miners of the C18th/19th can still be seen. Advanced planning is required due to the often high winds and rough seas, but it is well worth the adventure.

Arriving at Svalbard – half way between continental Norway and the North Pole – moor off the coast from the main settlement Longeyearbyen, an area of eerie beauty. Again, it is possible to spot polar bears (nearly out-populating the humans!) and whales, as well as Arctic foxes. Over two thirds of the archipelago is covered by nature reserves, dominated by glaciers, mountains, and fjords, making for absolutely fascinating shore excursions. Indeed, its beauty has been noted since the early C12th with Svalbaro being noted in Norse texts, and tourism first started in the area during the 1890s.

Should you wish to become even more adventurous, make a change from watersports to snowsports and try out snowmobiling, dog sledding, or cross country skiing (weather permitting). Take respite in one of the award winning restaurants in Longyearbyen, or enjoy one of the numerous exhibitions, concerts and festivals that take place all year round.

These suggestions are only a few our Charter department are able to offer and build with you. Fitting your tastes and your expectations, your next superyacht charter journey in Norway will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Contact now our Charter department for more information:

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