REV, the record-breaking 182m superyacht

REV, the record-breaking 182m superyacht


Ordered in May 2017, gradually unveiled by her designer Espen Øino from June 2017 (attendees of the Rendez-Vous du Yachting at the Yacht Club de Monaco at this time were among the first in the world to enjoy the privilege of discovering this new groundbreaking project), 181.6m explorer yacht REV, which stands for Research Expedition Vessel, is currently the biggest in-build superyacht in the world. Set to be launched in 2020 to Kjell Inge Røkke’s ocean research company Rosellinis Four-10, REV will boast interior able to accommodate up to 90 people, including crew members, scientists and researchers as well as the owner and their guests! During the 2018 Superyacht Design Symposium in Kitzbühel (Austria), part of the Boat International Design and Innovation ceremony, the Norwegian maestro revealed a little more about the most fascinating and extroardinary vessel to hit the water, set to become the largest superyacht in the world once delivered. In total, 4,000 square metres of on-board space will be dedicated to research, equating to roughly 40% of REV's 17,440GT interior. The main purpose of REV is obviously to provide a platform for studying the world's oceans, but also to clean them up. For this reason, she will be fitted with trawler nets that can collect floating items and feed them into a state-of-the-art on-board incinerator. The resulting heat will be used to power on-board systems, all while keeping the noxious fumes released to an absolute minimum. Part of REV’s marine conservation programme will include catching and studying rare and endangered species of fish. Her highly advanced trawler system will also be used to collect live species from up to 3,000 metres below the surface. It can be adjusted to target a particular size of fish and release those that don't match. “REV will probably be the most important ship I’ve ever worked on. It will also be the most special – the vessel needs to meet the highest standards in so many areas at the same time." says Imperial's long-time partner Espen Øino. "REV will operate under demanding climatic conditions, accommodate some of the most advanced research equipment, and at the same time satisfy the required standards for charter within this market. By combining knowledge, research and financial resources, my hope is that REV will make an important contribution to addressing and solving the challenges faced by the oceans.” As one of the world’s most famous superyacht designers, Espen Øino shares his enthusiasm anout being involved in REV and confirms that being involved in both design and marine protection to create exceptional superyachts is a trend to follow in the next decade. Another impressive feature: her globetrotting capability. Vard estimates that she will have a range of 21,120 nautical miles when cruising at 11 knots, meaning that she will be able to circumnavigate without needing to refuel. What’s more, her moon pool will allow both manned and autonomous submersibles to be lowered into the water through an opening in the bottom of the hull that measures 7.7 x 5 metres. More information to be unveiled during the next stages of her construction.

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