Superyacht market recovery for 2016?

Superyacht market recovery for 2016?

Take note: at the end of 2015 Boat International Magazine, a leading authority in the world of yachting, published its 2016 Global Order Book showing the increasing strength of the yachting industry. After two years of stagnation following the low point of 2013, the number of new yachts reported on order or under construction is up, with 755 super yachts (24m+) on the books.

The cards have been reshuffled between the most productive yacht building countries, although the top three remain the same: Italy, The Netherlands, and Turkey. Taiwain, who has lagged behind in recent years, has started to grow again, but the UK, however, has seen a decline, as has The Netherlands (from its record year of 2014-2015), Germany, China, and the UAE. However, these results are not wholly accurate, as the numbers are marred with some strict nondisclosure agreements: the projects that the yards are not able to discuss, but that we know exist, are listed as ‘custom’ rather than noted under a yard’s title and country. This is typical of the largest projects, with Germany and The Netherlands mostly affected. While the yards are unable to officially confirm these projects, they are most definitely in the pipeline and will eventually launch under much fanfare no doubt.

Another positive for this year’s Global Order Book is that many of the projects that had been listed as ‘on hold’ for some time have now become active once more, with construction hopefully resuming soon.

Imperial, as one of the leading New Construction Management companies in the luxury yachting industry, has also been highly involved in this recovery of the market, with stunning projects currently under way. We are proud to help the industry with its growth by supervising some of the next major achievements of the decade.

All details of the 2016 Global Order Book can be found on the Boat International website by by clicking here.

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