As the colder months draw near, we look ahead to escaping the winter and chasing the sun. The Caribbean is celebrated for its warm climate, guaranteed sunshine and charming culture.

Tick off some of the exciting activities on this curated Caribbean bucket list with an adventurous superyacht charter on board LILI (Amels 55m). The crew is equipped to explore the dazzling coastline and secluded beaches ranging from the British Virgin Islands to St. Kitts Island. Sip on tropical cocktails as you travel from one island to another, exploring the surreal landscapes and rich history of the Caribbean.


1 . Exotic beaches
The Caribbean is known to have some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There is an abundance of activities, ranging from relaxing on golden sands, snorkelling with the turtles or explore secluded coves with your superyachts water toys. The Caribbean beaches are pure paradise with stretches of long coastlines enveloped by crystal clear waters. Discover the iconic Pink Sands at Harbour Island where the sand is a mesmerizing peach colour. The crew on board LILI would be thrilled to prepare a sunset barbeque where you will witness the pink sands transform into a beautiful orange hue.

2 . Swim with the famous pigs, stingrays or horses.
Whether it is swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas or feeding the stingrays in the Cayman Islands, it will be an unforgettable experience. The pigs swim freely in the Exuma Islands where you may hear many tales of how they came to live on the island. If swimming with pigs are not on your bucket list, then perhaps swimming with stingrays may entice you. Stingray City is a collection of sandbars around Grand Cayman. The stingrays are very friendly to visitors as they are used to being fed, so be sure to have some food with you! Scuba diving with stingrays is also considered to be one of the best diving experiences in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, one of the most popular activities is riding through the dazzling seas on a thoroughbred.

3. Incredible surfing
The Caribbean is definitely a paradise for tranquil waters and relaxation. However, it is also home to many incredible surf sites, from Barbados to the Dominican Republic. Barbados calls all enthusiastic surfers to join their famous competition, the Reef Bowl which takes place on the first weekend of November. In addition, Costa Rica is known to be a surfing mecca where surfers can ride the waves in Puerto Viejo. LILI’s beach club is packed with a wide range of water toys. For those looking for a surf spot and winter sun, then the Caribbean is the place to be.

4 . Hike Gros Piton
One of the most photographed sites in the Caribbean is the Pitons in St. Lucia. Take the Castoldi Jet Tender (7.10m) of LILI where you can anchor at Soufrière. Hike up the five-hour trail where the views from the top are absolutely worth it. Your private guide will show and explain all the rare flora and fauna found on the peaks. There are also plenty of hot springs for those looking for a mini-break whilst on the hike.

5. The birthplace of rum
Discover where rum originated by exploring the oldest distillery in the world, Mount Gay, right in the charming island of Barbados. You will find thousands of rum shops, plantations and distilleries to visit. From Foursquare to Plantation, partake in a rum tasting where you will sample rich and woody to fruity and sweet blends. Encounter the vast amount of types, names, ages, flavours and colours.

6 . Pirate history
Pirates of the Caribbean is not just a movie. The pirate history is captivating to learn as they once dominated the seas within this region. Piracy is embedded in the local culture, where you can listen to tales of Sam Lord and Stede Bonnet whilst visiting the sites they once used as a base in the 1700s. Port Royal was once a famous pirate hideout, visit the old forts that still remain after the tsunami washed away part of the city. Off the Dominican coast, explore the many shipwrecks or venture to St. Kitts Island which was known for incredible treasure hunts

7 . Drink coffee in the Blue Mountains
For coffee lovers, this is a must-do on the list. The world-famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has big flavours, floral aroma and a smooth taste. The coffee plantation is grown in the Blue Mountains which is 7500 ft above sea level. The humidity and warmth of the air is perfect for cultivating the Arabica beans. The expensive price tag is because the process length is doubled compared to standard coffee. It takes an approximate ten months to grow. In addition, every bean is individually hand-inspected to make sure only the best beans make it in the bags.

8. Try the local cuisine
Witness the land of flying fish, the most popular catch in Barbados. Enjoy the local delicacy of cou cou where you can relish the taste of flying fish. The fish is steamed with local spices and seasoning, then served with cou cou – which is a mix of cornmeal and okra. Ask the creative chef onboard LILI to bake you a traditional Bajan black cake. It includes cherries and raisins soaked in local rum with spices. Or the cassava pone, made with frozen cassava and coconut. Perfect to satisfy any sweet cravings during tea time.

9. The Baths in Virgin Gorda
The third largest island of the British Virgin Islands hosts some of the worlds clearest waters and striking geological formations. The rock formations were formed by a rough volcanic explosion where boulders were thrown all over the beach. In between the rocks are inviting warm pools, “the baths”, where you will experience the sensation of a forgotten land. The experienced Captain on board will show you the spot where Christopher Columbus nicknamed the spot “The Fat Virgin” as the profile of the rock-strewn island resembles the silhouette of a woman lying down.

10. Cancun Underwater Museum
Dive deep into the mystical waters in Cancun, Mexico where lies more than 500 life-sized human statues. It is one of the most unique museums on earth that started in 2008. Since then, many rays, tropical fish and corals call this exhibition home. The submerged museum outside Cancun sprawls over an area of over 400 square metres. With LILI’s certified diving instructor, discover the beautifully crafted statues and vast marine life.

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