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A comprehensive guide of the well-known, famous Italian place

Crossroads of different type of people, trendy destination for all superyachts of this world for decades, loved by crowned heads, poets and stars: summarizing the buzzing place that represents Portofino along the Italian Riviera, and in Mediterranean in general, would take hours. Tiny village between sea and mountains ideally painting the perfect representation of the Italian “dolce vita”, Portofino is a natural paradise for lovers of sea and sailing, and talking about Portofino is like talking about beauty.

Gem covering a small area of only 2,5 square kilometers fully opened to the world, authentic place with hundreds of years of history, small marina frequented by the most beautiful superyachts and sailing yachts in the world, Portofino offers the iconic “piazzetta” square and unmissable breathtaking itineraries known to only a few. From nature escapes to shopping trails, from typical Italian streets to  tasty restaurants with fresh sea food and incredible flavors, we are proposing you to rediscover this destination from a different angle: letting the inhabitants speak about her.

Slider: photos by courtesy of Giovanni Coppello / Yacht Club Portofino


Portofino is an endless story, a cherished jewel box which stores many, many things and in particular, wonders and beauties. Famous French writer Paul Valery once define beauty with this simple but powerful sentence: “is it what which leads to desperation if ones doesn’t have it”.

Portofino area also includes  truly iconic spots like Santa Margherita or Paraggi. Nest of the jet-set since the 50’s, whose regulars where Gianni Agnelli, Brigitte Bardot or Aristotle Onassis, “Covo di Nord Est” is a mandatory reference in Santa Margherita for a fully glamorous evening with live bands. In Paraggi, the “Carillon” is famous for its atmosphere and exclusive cuisine in a very stylish atmosphere surrounded with VIP.
While very small in size, Portofino hosts some very famous restaurants with international reputation for their creations, only with fresh products. A very good time for relaxation. On the western shore of the little port, try the resaturant “I Gemelli” a cool address with authentic recipes from the Tigullian golf in an extraordinary setting.

The Portofino Nature Park
offer views and  and countryside among the most famous in the world. In just a few steps, one goes form the Apennine woods to a sundrenched Mediterranean world. Protected since 1935, the park hosts one of the largest floristic concentrations in the Mediterranean, a considerable variety of birds and invertebrates as well as historical important  architectonic elements. A dense network of itineraries cross and reach wild areas, bay and cliffs, rural hamlets and village steeped in history and art. Locals would recommend the trails starting from Portofino and leading to the splendid bay of San Fruttuoso, with its thousand-years-old monastery, or this other itinerary running from Paraggi and follow the “Valley of Windmills”, ending with a refreshment at Mulino del Gassetta.

Diving lovers are cherished: Portofino’s Protected Area, established in 1999 and covering the city of Genova’s eastern area, parishes of Camogli, Santa Margheria Ligure and Portofino, hides incredible underwaters treasures. Place such as Punta Chiappa with the famous cave of Gamberi; Punta Torretta separating the bay of San Fruttuoso from Calla dell’Oro or Portofino light house concentrate an incredible biodiversity. Sea urchins, barracudas and tuna are swimming through a sea which couldn’t be more blue!
Not be missed in San Fruttuoso: the Christ of the Abyss, large bronze statue famous around the world which portrays Jesus with arms outstretched, in memory of those who have died at sea and a tribute to those who dedicate their lives to her. Explorers will also like shipwrecks in the area: the tug boat Colosso from the 40’s, UJ2207 submarine, German U-boat, etc.

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Portofino is one wonder among thousands through the Italian Riviera: explore the destination here.

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