The inspiration behind AMADEA

In conversation with Espen Oeino

AMADEA (Lurssen 106.10m) is considered as one of the most confidential and exclusive superyachts in the world. Everything started in 2013 with Project MISTRAL, where Imperial was proudly involved as Owner’s Representative and Build Supervisor to coordinate this symphony. Together, the persons behind AMADEA created the epitome of luxury; a living legend and the perfect symphony between attention to detail and utmost comfort at every level.
Today, we sat down with the worldwide reputed, Espen Oeino, who designed the sharp exterior. He told us more about the genesis of this project.

The interview

What was your main source of inspiration when designing AMADEA?
The main inspiration when designing Amadea was our client. He was very inspired and engaged when it came to the design process, he wanted a custom boat with unique and elegant lines. We had many discussions – similar to a game of ping pong! Lots of back and forth meetings and sketches to comprehend what he visualized in his mind, his aspirations and what he envisioned his life to be on board – creating spaces that fulfilled this role.

Please explain your design and thought process – what was your starting point?
My first starting point is establishing a clear brief so we have a common understanding. It is also imperative to manage expectations when you are dealing with a client. You must know how many cabins? What life do they want on board – is it corporate or family? Or a combination? Do they want to go to Antarctica or Indonesia? If so, the boat’s exterior design would look very different.
We are often referred to as exterior designers, which is misleading. We are naval architects. We plan layouts, create spaces and the relationships between each room so that everything flows. When on board, you tend to migrate out on deck because of the beautiful view. Even when in the cold, the fresh air is invigorating and the sights are breathtaking. However, people still want a nice indoor space to relax in. It is about finding a balance between outside vs. inside and guest space vs. crew/technical space. It is important for service and crew to be able to move around swiftly around the boat without being seen or bothering anyone.
People may not frequently think about this but the “back of house” so to say is extremely fundamental. The crew need to have a life as they simply can’t just leave the vessel, therefore we think about crew gyms, quiet spaces and more.
We constantly need to question the priorities to get them right.

How would you describe the iconic and unique lines of AMADEA?
The key was to create something elegant yet eye catching. The sheer line is feminine yet the overhangs are aggressive – it has a geometrical figure that makes it masculine. The juxtaposition in the design makes her look dynamic and interesting.

AMADEA is famous for her “clam shell” inspired overhang design – was it part of the brief or a long standing idea you had?
AMADEA is often recognized by her “clam shell” superstructure. However, this was not done on purpose, nobody said they wanted a clam shell design! The basic idea came from the client, but he didn’t describe them as clam shells. He depicted what he was imagining, and I was sketching in real time. I showed him something similar that I previously designed for a boat and he loved it. From there, the idea evolved.

Lastly, if you had to describe AMADEA in only 3 words, what would they be?
Elegant, dynamic and powerful.

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