Top 10 Tech Gadgets To Have This Summer

Top 10 Tech Gadgets To Have This Summer


The summer period is all about having fun in the sun, and what better way than with some of the coolest and innovative tech gadgets. We selected the top ten gadgets to have onboard this summer season. Whether that be a bionic shark drone or Flyride that propels you into the sky, we ensure it will give you all the fun you desire!

Triton Project Neptune

Triton Submarines in collaboration with iconic British carmaker, Aston Martin, has launched the ultimate luxurious submersible. Project Neptune is a strictly limited edition with incredible attention to detail. The state-of-the-art super-sub has diving capabilities to depths of 500-metres. The cabin offers panoramic views and Aston Martin’s plush interiors, featuring hand-stitched leather and carbon fibre trim. 


This robot kills germs using Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light. It has autonomous technology to weave its way around furniture onboard and it has a built-in human-motion-detection sensor to minimise any unwanted exposure to the UV rays. 

TechBAR’s Trident Underwater Smart Scooter

Leave your flippers behind; this underwater smart scooter by techBAR can let you dive as deep as 30-metres. The scooter’s app will monitor and share your underwater adventure data whilst the mount can secure your camera or flashlight.

Zapata Flyride

This Flyride offers new thrills and is accessible for beginners or extreme riders. It is a two-seater ride that resembles a small quad bike. It attaches to a jet ski that thrusts it up into the air. 

RoboSea Robo-Shark 

This is one of the coolest underwater drones in the market! The two-metre bionic shark that weighs more than 60kg has a top speed of 10 knots and a maximum depth of 300-metres. The Robo-Shark sinks into the sea and lets you explore the underwater world.

Ariel Nomad Kart 

From city to mountain trails to sandy dunes, it is the perfect kart for exploration. It combines the thrill of go-karting with its fast speed yet is a smooth ride supported by a twin-spring damper system. Go off-the-beaten-path with this buggy and discover another world. 

Adventure DFI JetSurf 

A motorised surfboard that allows you to go on longer trips on all types of water, including waves. The dual foot bindings with the ergonomic pads make the ride even more comfortable, it also fits both regular and goofy riders. 

Platypus Yacht Edition

A cool combination between tender and submersible. It is based on a trimaran architecture where the central hull descends underwater. It allows passengers to explore shallow waters from down under, breathing through masks linked to an air compressor. 

DJI Active Track Drone

The technology of aerial photography has affected almost everyone. This DJI Active Track drone follows a chosen subject, offering a cinematic shot whilst flying. It intelligently tracks the subject walking along a trail or swimming in the ocean providing incredible footage. 


Innovative see-through OLED screen technology with processing units cleverly hidden. When turned off, the 55-inch screen turns clear as glass. It looks super sleek in the main saloon, without looking like traditional television. 

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