Travelling with Global Jet | World-leader in Private Aviation

Travelling with Global Jet | World-leader in Private Aviation


Global Jet is a world-leader in private aviation. Founded two decades ago, the Global Jet family has helped countless generations take to the skies with an unrivalled commitment to excellence.

What does a typical day look like for private jet pilots?

Crew members work on a 15/15-day schedule which means, they will work 15 days then will be off for the next 2 weeks. When a flight is confirmed, the crew is notified by the main office, which selects all crew members based on their schedule. The operations team (OPS) will prepare the flight in advance and send the flight plan to the pilots. Once the crew has all the information, pilots would review all flight documents, weather forecasts. Etc.

On the day of the flight, the cockpit crew will enter all data in the system, welcome the passengers at the handling and ensure a complete security check of the aircraft before 

Once they arrived at their destination and the passengers have disembarked, the pilots will file the report of the flight on a platform called “Techlog”, then close and seal the aircraft until the next flight. 

How many planes does your fleet include? And what are the varieties?

Global Jet manages more than 70 aircraft in private and commercial capacities for international corporations, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals.

As well as being one of the largest operators in the world, Global Jet also operates one of the most diverse fleets, with more than 35 aircraft types from established manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, Embraer, Cessna..etc).

Global Jet can offer any type of jet thanks to its 24/7 brokerage team. From the very light jet through the mid-size and long-range business jet up to the VIP airliners, their broker specialists will make sure that their guests will get the most competitive travel solutions without compromising on quality and safety.

What has changed in the private aviation sector and what changes do you think will take place in the future?

They have been some changes in the private aviation industry since the beginning of COVID-19. Passengers were reluctant to travel with commercial airlines and wanted to avoid contact with others. A new segment of clients who were frequently travelling in business/first class turned themselves to private aviation for their safety. The fact that private jets benefit in most locations of dedicated standalone VIP terminal facilities and channels also prevents the potential exposure by avoiding busy airport terminals, check-in counters as well as boarding procedures. Moreover, the number of passengers is limited in a private jet reducing the risk of being exposed to the virus. Therefore, a new segment has emerged throughout this tendency and consequently saw an increase in flight requests in the private aviation sector.

On the other hand, regarding the aircraft sales & acquisitions business, we have seen that private jet owners were less inclined to sell their aircraft which had a consequence on prices. The supply and demand changed and therefore the prices saw an increased rate.

Concerning the future, it will depend on the economic situation.

What are some of the favourite airport approaches/landing strips?

In general, the favourite airport approach for our pilots remains by the seaside or by the mountains where the landscapes are breathtaking. Here to list a few of the most scenic airport approaches Nice (France), Madeira (Portugal), Aosta Valley (Italy), Donegal (Ireland), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Barra (Scotland), Sion (Geneva) and Courchevel (France).

Where are the most popular destinations your clients like to go to?

Our client’s destinations depend on the seasons and if they are travelling for leisure or business.

In general, the top destinations during the entire year remains Paris, London, Geneva, Nice and Cannes.

During summer time our clients like to go to Mykonos, Olbia, Ibiza, Nice, St-Tropez, Corsica and Larnaca.  

During the winter seasons, they like to go to the Maldives or Seychelles and for the ones who like to go skiing the most asked destinations are Chambery or Samedan.

What are the benefits of using a private jet versus a commercial plane?

There are several benefits of flying privately but one of the main ones is flexibility. The passenger can decide when, where and at what time they want to fly. They can also enjoy their privacy by working onboard or just by relaxing and savouring a gastronomical meal.

Some other key advantages: amenities on board, safety (less in contact with other passengers at airports and in the aircraft), time (the waiting time is significantly reduced thanks to the private jet terminals, boarding. Etc), more access (some airports can only be accessed by private jets) and impeccable service.

Furthermore, nowadays commercial airlines have fewer direct flights and there is a decrease in flight availabilities in general. Contrary to the private jet industry, guests can fly at any time without any stopover.

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