Central America

Central America

Central America

Central America

Perched on the east coast of Central America, between the tropical jungle of the interior and the exalted waters of the western Caribbean, Belize enjoys an extraordinary spread of natural yacht charter attractions. Among the jungles lie ancient tombs, monuments and temples from the mysterious Mayan civilisation. In the south, UNESCO-listed Glover’s Reef presents a fabled diving experience and in the classical Caribbean paradise of the north, the islands and coral chains are protected by the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The elegant port town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye sits right on top of the barrier reef, enabling you to dive the coral or swim with dolphins, rays and turtles. A local yacht charter also puts you within striking distance of the lovely Hol Chan Marine Reserve and at the heart of a selection of accessible islands. Nearby Caye Caulker is a delightfully laid back place with a cool Afro-Caribbean style; and Great Blue Hole, a deep limestone submarine sinkhole at the centre of Lighthouse Reef, is a spectacular attraction. It may be the least developed region on the Caribbean charter yacht circuit, but with plenty of opportunities to adapt your charter with a relaxed beachside drink or a tranquil and sheltered anchorage, it’s a very dynamic yachting region.

The largest nation in the Central American isthmus is not yet known as a prolific charter destination but it has all the makings of a major yachting hub. With Spanish influence from the 16th century conquistadors, allied to lush, volcanic landscapes, a pair of contrasting coastlines, vast lakes, wild rainforests and 78 national parks, it’s not difficult to see the attraction. Islet-strewn Lago Nicaragua is Central America’s largest lake and both coastlines have long histories of piratical conflict – which means plenty of shipwrecks and excellent diving.

Nicaragua’s Pacific coast is all about deserted beaches, sea fishing and surfing. San Juan del Sur is one of the best places for nightlife; and mountainous Playa Pie de Gigante is a renowned tropical surf venue. The town of Leon makes an attractive daytrip, but colonial Granada, with its Spanish architecture and simmering nightlife, is the premier urban destination. Off the Atlantic coast, just a few miles from the classic Creole retreat of Pearl Lagoon, lies the Pearl Cays, a lovely yacht charter cruising zone white sandy beaches, exotic palm trees and pristine diving. And further north, the Cayos Miskitos Marine Reserve is equally lovely. Nicaragua might not seem like the obvious choice, but few yacht charters can match it for rustic, unaffected charm.

Costa Rica is a very compact charter region, with as little as 70 miles between the Caribbean coast in the east and the Pacific coast in the west. However, the rich diversity of the tropical landscapes between these shorelines is legendary. It includes everything from spider monkeys to crocodiles, butterflies, iguanas and toucans, and all of it is set against the dramatic backdrop of big surf beaches and active volcanoes. With its famous commitment to ecological sustainability, Costa Rica is a wonderfully wild yacht charter destination.

While the Caribbean coastline is very serene, the extra scale, variety and sophistication of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast makes it one of Central America’s most generous and versatile charter yacht venues. From Isla Tortuga to beautiful Drake Bay, sport fishing here is superb, with yellowfin tuna, blue marlin and sailfish routinely on the hooks of the charter fleets. The surfing is also a major draw for tourists and despite a big seasonal tourist influx, it’s always possible to find a deserted yacht-friendly cove to anchor up and relax. Activities include everything from horse riding to white water rafting and if you want a dynamic slice of Costa Rican nightlife, the surf town of Joca and the capital, San Jose, are well up to the task.

Panama, the narrow land link between Central and South America, possesses all the natural yacht charter attractions that make the broader region so famous – pristine jungle, exotic beaches, sheltered coves, submerged reefs and desert islands. But with the Panama Canal ushering maritime trade back and forth between the Pacific and the Atlantic, it’s also the most forthright and worldly country in Central America. Its blend of strategic importance, modern wealth, industrial might, social diversity and natural loveliness make it a brilliantly surprising yacht charter destination.

Panama City, an intense Latin American cocktail of residents, travellers and traders, is the most complex and dynamic city in Central America. It has the skyscrapers, the street food, the bustling bars and casinos, the boutique shops and the high-end restaurants demanded by its eclectic and often transient clientele. Casco Viejo, the darkly atmospheric 17th century quarter, with its cellar bars, high-end hotels and anti-piracy fortifications, is an even more exciting yacht charter venue. From here, the famous canal offers access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts and yet the rainforests remain every bit as accessible as the beaches. In addition to a night in the city and a trip through the canal, a Panama yacht charter must include some unhurried island hopping in the lovely Las Perlas archipelago.


An almost mythical island chain bridging both sides of the Equator, this geographical paradise has stayed firm in the list of places all those with adventurous spirits must visit. Home to a plethora of incredible animals, such as the Marine Swimming Iguana, Galapagos Penguin, and of course, the Giant Tortoise, the vast biodiversity of the islands, each with their own distinct character, is the main draw.

First coming to prominence as a hot bed of Piratical activity in the C17th / 18th in the various caves providing hiding places for English Pirates wanting to plunder the passing Spanish Galleons in the islands received worldwide fame upon the 1859 publication of in the Origins of Speciesî by Darwin, a revolutionary evolutionary argument against the transmutation of species. As one of the most protected areas on the planet, opportunities to visit are limited and must be undertaken with a specialist guide.

  1. The long Pacific coastline is particularly ideal for charter yacht exploration.
  2. Belize is home to the only jaguar reserve in the world, an unique opportunity to see this highly endangered wild animal.
  3. Whale shark dives are available at Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Belize.
  4. The mesmerising Blue Hole , in Belize– a sinkhole filled with turquoise water around 33m deep. : an amazing place to swim and dive.
  5. Lago Nicaragua is home to more than 460 volcanic islands, and bull sharks are common inland visitors.
  6. Granada, Nicaragua, is the oldest city in continental Latin America.
  7. Costa Rica boasts the highest biodiversity density in the world.
  8. Volcan Arenal in the northwest is a routinely active volcano.
  9. More than 13,000 ships pass through the Panama's canal every day, now being expanded to accommodate modern mega ships.
  10. Panama is the world’s only capital city with rainforest inside its city limits.

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