South Caribbean

South Caribbean

South Caribbean

With its large and diverse population, Trinidad is alive with the happy hum of culturally ingrained hedonism. In addition to an ever-more affluent and cosmopolitan feast of pubs, bars and clubs, the music, dance, street food and festival scenes are as vibrant and prolific as anywhere in the Caribbean.

A short hop north, the charter destination of Tobago offers slow respite from Trinidad’s fierce vivacity, with spectacular reefs, internationally important wildlife, a scattering of colonial forts and some of the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. For now, tourism is not yet the linchpin of the national economy but with an authentic energy to its towns and a burgeoning calendar of cruise ship stopovers, these dynamic islands are rapidly becoming the South Caribbean charter of choice.

Ideal destination for its beaches, unique spots for snorkeling and scuba diving, Aruba is also known for its vibrant nightlife : do not miss the local outside music concerts giving the rhythm of the evening.

Among the most pleasant Southern Caribbean islands, the locals especially want to be the most welcoming : Everywhere you will here “Bonbini !” – “welcome” in Papiamento, the local language. Immerse yourself in the local culture for a real exotic charter!

Lying just off west Venezuela and forming part of the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), this charter yacht destination enjoys ‘National Marine Park’ status for its entire perimeter. With pristine reefs, abundant wildlife and a penetrating water clarity, this makes Bonaire one of the finest dive sites in the world.

Though smaller, quieter, and less developed than most other Caribbean islands, the capital of this Dutch municipality is a bright, friendly and upbeat town, full of exciting food and rustic waterfront bars – and the Trade Winds also make Bonaire a great outdoor destination. In addition to excellent wind-based watersports, an established culture of hill walking, horseriding and mangrove kayaking makes it one of the most engaging Caribbean charter options available.

Forming the C of the ABC Archipelago, with Aruba and Bonaire, Curaçao offers a charming mix of European and Caribbean history, culture and architecture influences. Experienced divers rave about this island paradise. Whether you seek a Fall full of surprises or shallow waters tin which to explore the seabed by snorkel, you will be filled with awe.

The other major advantage of Curacao is of course its powdery white sand beaches with calm waters, ideal for children. Keep a little time to visit Willemstad, capital of Curacao. Its pastel houses are full of charm and its equally colorrful past has led it to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Spend a day at beautiful Maracas Beach on Trinidad’s north coast.
  2. Enjoy one of the many festivals from the Trinidad’s prolific calendar.
  3. Witness nesting leatherback turtles on the north and east coast.
  4. Anchor in Store Bay for sailing and revelry during Tobago Sail Week.
  5. Anchor off Pirate’s Bay, the archetype of the perfect Caribbean beach, in Trinidad.
  6. Dive the extraordinary waters of the Bonaire National Marine Park.
  7. Explore the Washington-Slagbaai National Park nature sanctuary.
  8. Climb Mount Brandaris, Bonaire's tallest mountain.
  9. Exploit the reliable Trade Winds for sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing.
  10. Head ashore and enjoy Kralendijk’s colourful waterfront bars.