South East Asia

South East Asia

South East Asia

South East Asia

South East Asia

While the vast majority of Thailand is landlocked, its southern regions jut out beyond Burma to meet the Andaman Sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the east. The Gulf coast is a wonderful holiday destination, not least in the form of its world famous Samui archipelago, but with a more settled climate and a prolific wealth of natural, cultural and social treasures, the Andaman coast is among the most manageable, exotic and yacht-friendly charter destinations in the world.

The beautiful climate, grand natural spectacles and sheltered anchorages of the Andaman Sea make it a prime yacht charter playground and the island of Phuket in Phang Nga Bay is a fine base for exploration. A trip down the Thai west coast from Phuket towards the Malay border makes a memorable charter but many people find it difficult to leave the bay behind. Phuket offers glorious multicultural cuisines, endless beaches, great scenery, friendly people and a party scene of peerless effervescence. And the other hundred islands in the bay are equally magnetic – exploding almost vertically from the azure waters, with the kind of A-list beauty that has seen them appear in various Hollywood films and achieve worldwide fame as the pinnacle of the Southeast Asian superyacht scene.


Vietnam’s long coastline stretches from the Gulf of Tonkin in the north to the magnificent Con Dao Islands in the south, and west toward the border with Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. It incorporates some spectacular landscapes, with endless beaches, bustling towns and glorious anchorages, not least on the east-facing shores of the South China Sea. The Vietnamese yacht charter scene is still in its infancy, but with several large-scale marina developments underway, the yachting fame of this region is set to take off.

The best place to enjoy a yacht charter on Vietnam’s exotic coast is the compact Khanh Hoa region. In its northern reaches, Van Phong Bay’s lovely scattering of islands is sheltered on three sides, so it’s easy to find a private spot in gentle water for a quiet anchorage and some first-rate diving. But as an energetic holiday resort and Vietnam’s premier beach destination, Nha Trang, further south, is the place to go for a livelier scene. In addition to a four-mile beach and an infectious nightlife, it is renowned for its cosmopolitan dining options and spa treatments. Back out at sea, the tropical island group centred around nearby Vinh Nguyen offers lots more scope for a sheltered anchorage and some laid back charter yacht exploration.

With more than 7,000 tropical islands in the western Pacific, the Philippines is tailor made for a yacht charter holiday. From swimming with sharks to caving, mountain hiking, reef diving and watersports, its range of active pursuits is first class. There are some spectacular outlying islands too, the most famous of which are Cebu and Mindanao in the south and Palawan in the west – but it is unthinkable to take a Philippine yacht charter without experiencing the extraordinary capital, Manila.

With its incessant rush-hour intensity, steaming street markets and infectious human clamour, Manila is one of the liveliest cities in the world. It also boasts regions of wholesome exclusivity, arranged around luxurious boutiques, elegant restaurants and high-rise commercial buildings. With this as your charter base, the island of Mindoro is within easy reach. On its northern coast, the deep natural harbour of Puerto Galera, once favoured by the Spanish fleet for its proliferation of sheltered deep-water anchorages, is particularly lovely. Its white bays, gorgeous islets and lush forests create a wonderful refuge for a roaming charter yacht. With White Beach to the west and Sabang to the east, it also offers excellent cave diving and the happy option of tranquility, sophistication or hedonism.

The vast Indonesian archipelago stretches from Sumatra’s Indian Ocean coast to the border with Papua New Guinea – a longitudinal span that exceeds even that of Australia. Among the country’s 17,000 islands are some fabled destinations, but some of the very best are to be found in a relatively compact, charter-friendly sequence beneath the central islands of Borneo and Sulawesi. With a world-famous range of fauna, from elephants and macaques to tigers and Komodo Dragons, an Indonesian yacht charter has the potential for almost unparalleled adventure.

Just off the sprawling, multi-coloured metropolis of Jakarta, the Kepulauan Seribu chain is a stunning example of a tropical archipelago. Further east, the equally lovely Karimunjawa group is another great region for idyllic anchorages, secluded beaches and relaxed island hopping. However, a yacht charter centred around the islands east of Bali makes Indonesia’s natural variety feel even richer. From here to the enchanting anchorage at Labuan Bajo there are plenty of memorable places. Chief among them are Lombok, which has all the charm of Bali but none of the seasonal congestion; and Komodo, a naturalist’s paradise. With vibrant pockets of nightlife to supplement the surfing hotspots, the world-class reef dives, the wildlife and the volcanic wilderness, this is yacht charter versatility at its best.

The unique charter yacht destination of Singapore is an irrepressibly modern island city-state at the southernmost tip of continental Asia. Though it sits just a degree north of the equator, it has powerful cultural influences from India and China; and as a global financial hub, its tastes, styles and facilities have a distinctly western bent. Singapore encompasses around 60 smaller islands but the close proximity of Malaysia enables even a short yacht charter to encompass some beautiful offshore destinations without excessive cruising time.

Singapore does everything to a very high standard, from charter yachts to street food, spa resorts, restaurants, bars and boutique shops. In a city where places like the Raffles Hotel and the Shangri-La resonate with five-star excellence, even the botanic gardens are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In short, there is nothing that can compete with this place for outright luxury, so skip the mainstream Indonesian yacht charter destinations of Batam and Bintan and head further afield toward the archipelagos off the east coast of Malaysia. En route to the Tioman chain, your schedule can be adapted to encompass some of the smaller islands, like Sibu, Tinggi, Aur, Babi Bessar and Permanggil. Their fresh, tropical tranquility is a lovely counterpoint to the impeccable luxury of Singapore.

  1. This vast charter region is home to the world’s finest limestone archipelagos.
  2. Thailand’s complex 1,800-mile coastline offers big charter yacht flexibility : among many others, visit the Phang Nga islands which have starred in various films including James Bond.
  3. The Similan Islands, northwest of Phuket, Thailand, are a major Andaman attraction.
  4. Ha Long Bay’s limestone islands, Vietnam, are among the most spectacular in the world.
  5. Take a trip at the Mindanao Trench, Philippines : at 6.5 miles deep, it is the world’s second deepest point.
  6. The island of Camiguin has the highest density of volcanoes in the world : a must-see in your Philippine journey
  7. With more than 10,000 uninhabited islands in Indonesia, the charter potential is huge.
  8. Indonesia is second only to Brazil for the scale of its bio-diversity.
  9. Singapore is one of only three city-states in the world.
  10. The island is a pristine millionaire melting pot, and is world renowned for its fastidious cleanliness.

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