In Conversation With Imperial's Charter Department

In Conversation With Imperial's Charter Department


The superyacht is normally a project that fully reflects the tastes and wishes of its Owner. Many of future Owners personally participate in key meetings in order to make sure that it is going to be the vessel of their dreams. However, when it comes to superyacht charter, completely different aspects come to the fore. These projects are usually very complex and multifaceted where every little aspect is of high importance – after all, such yacht should please every guest on board, satisfy every taste, have a lot of options for entertainment as well as professional crew on board.

With each year passing, yacht charter is becoming more popular and more complex; yachts grow in size and become more technically advanced. Only ten years ago the largest charter superyacht did not exceed 82 meters, while today the size of the largest charter superyacht on the market – FLYING FOX (Lürssen-built) – is 136 meters and it is not the limit.

The number of regions requested for charter has also increased – before summer charters were mostly handled around Cote d’Azur and Italian coastline and winter charter was limited to the Caribbean.

Today there is a huge demand for exclusive, even extreme routes. Even the lack of infrastructure is not a problem anymore – superyachts are completely autonomous and have everything one might need on board. We see a growing number of superyachts going to the Indian ocean for winter charter. They cruise in the Maldives or Seychelles areas and even further – in Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji and Madagascar.

The growing interest in ice-class yachts is also a strong trend – after all, summer destinations are not limited to the Mediterranean Sea anymore. We see a growing demand for Norway, Iceland, Greenland and even Antarctica for the winter season. However, only a few superyachts are able to go to these regions (among them the famous LA DATCHA (Damen, 77m), so usually their schedule gets fully booked pretty quick.

Water toys have become another huge trend. The growing attention is paid to their quality, quantity and technical excellence. The variety of toys is simply incredible: these are all kinds of seabobs, jet-skis, flyboards, submarines and many more. Modern superyachts often allocate certified diving centers with the latest equipment and experienced instructors as well as spa centers or at least spa-areas with professional therapists. The most up to date is definitely a 400sqm spa on board FLYING FOX. It offers its guests almost everything, up to cryosauna with a temperature drop to -110 0С. Another frequent wish of the clients is a gym with professional trainers and yoga instructors. On the 107-meter yacht LANA (Benetti), yoga classes are held outdoors on the main deck for a truly unforgettable experience.

Another trend is definitely the helipads onboard – for incredible sightseeing tours or quick reach of remote locations. A lot of attention is paid to the culinary experience. Chefs who work onboard top charter vessels have extensive experience in the finest restaurants and on the most expensive yachts worldwide. They provide guests with an incredible dining experience – from freshly caught grilled seafood to Michelin cuisine.

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