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Understanding the logistics of a superyachts  day-to-day management can be quite daunting. But with six specialist teams allocated to each and every yacht under our care, Imperial’s 360-degree Superyacht Management Service is perfectly set up to help the client relax and enjoy their investment. Our team composed of marine professionals with extensive experience of global circumnavigation ensure a high level of quality all-year long, whatever the destination.

Precision, complete dedication, flexibility: many superlatives that perfectly summarize our vision of Operational & Technical Support for our client’s most precious floating asset, to help them to relax and enjoy their investment.


Imperial allocates a dedicated Operational Team to each yacht under its care: the Operational Manager forms a vital part of  our service, taking charge of all operational tasks, from provisioning, berthing, fuelling and passage-making to quality control and shore-side support. The collaboration and assistance of the Operational Team is also central. It includes a Technical Manager, who helps coordinate the maintenance, refit work and class and flag surveys; an Interior Manager, who maintains housekeeping, crew training and service standards; and a Client Coordinator who reports to the client’s office on behalf of the team.

Our Operational Team has a complete overview and the experience to support the Captain and Crew so the Owner enjoys the yacht to the maximum of its capabilities.

We ensure the yacht is maintained and operated at a high Standard, and our full scope of operations includes among:

  • Supervising yacht’s daily operations
  • Quality control
  • Services and yacht inspections
  • Shore-side support
  • Full assistance including berthing, bunkering and provisions

The Imperial Operational staff provides assistance for whatever our client’s yacht may need regardless of where the yacht is operating. Purveying and fuel bunkering; chasing for spare parts shipping; chandlery and more; are all part of our worldwide services. Our motto is to offer rapid and economical transport of supplies to any port. With our office located in Monaco, heart of the superyacht industry, our strength is to reply swiftly and efficiently to all client’s yacht supports requests, wherever he is on the 7 seas, with professionalism and high dedication.

Imperial is able to offer luxury and reactive support to all superyachts under our management in regions like Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, South-East Asia, Galapagos islands and several other places. Like many superyacht owners, trust our capacities and join your vessel to our Yacht Management fleet.

In addition of providing a high quality service for all our clients, Imperial is very precise on all budget matters to ensure that our clients always receive the best possible service. Itemized accounts are always provided, including details like fees, domestic costs, international transfers, fuel expenses and spare parts. Full analyses are produced with regular statements, providing to all our clients with a clear picture of the running costs of their asset.

Thanks to the large experience of our Managers, Imperial is able to spot any anomalies or defaults that may occur in the yacht’s accounts: this experience helps to keep the grip on the yacht’s budget and avoid all extra surprises.

Quality control is highly demanded by most of the superyachts owners. Imperial gained experience with more than a decade of acting as Owner’s Representative and Construction Supervisor for some of the most impressive superyachts projects of the world, confirming we are able to provide a service suited to our clients’ needs.

This experience with superyacht deliveries and new superyachts commissioning authorizes us to precisely point possible hidden problems. We take all precaution to make sure that the super yacht is of sufficiently high quality before starting the season. We examine every possible part of the vessel and record our observations in detailed reports directly sent to the owner. Our experience and our precise procedures guarantee relaxation and peace of mind to each of our client.

Imperial has a strong experience which authorized us to build Limo tenders, sport tenders, working tenders, submarines, helicopters, seaplane or wave runners during the last 10 years, in addition of the actual toys and tenders projects managed. We have solid relationships with all major tender and toy builders, suppliers and contractors meaning we can ensure continuous operations of our client’s toys during busy summer periods.

The “leave to pay” option means our client is never without the vessels supporting and fun equipment: we have direct contact with builders, suppliers and technical departments to ensure 24/7day coverage to the yacht.


As an experienced company managing a very large fleet of motor yachts from 30m to 100m+ length around the world, Imperial is able to manage your vessel thanks to its Operational team composed of multilingual, professional, highly-experienced marine professionals.
Feel free to send us your enquiry and we will ensure to get back to you shortly.

Mark Harrison
Head of Operations Department
T +377 97 98 38 80
E m.harrison@imperial-yachts.com

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