The flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group, Admiral, is universally recognized and appreciated for its elegance, classic style and prestige. Admiral has operated in the yachting industry since 1966 launching one hundred and forty-three yachts over the years. More than fifty years have passed since the creation of the shipyard when it first launched its wooden 18m yacht, marking a key moment within the yachting industry and in the world of luxury “Made in Italy”. A unique style constantly focused on attention to detail and technical-styling perfection. Admiral has become a benchmark in the international yachting industry, synonymous with style, creativity and quality.

Part of the Italian Sea Group, one of the largest conglomerates in yachting, Admiral is part of this legacy set strategically within the port of Marina di Carrara. Well-known for their construction of superyachts with projects up to 200m, the group has launched five hundred and seventy-seven vessels between ships and superyachts since 1942. Today the group consists of four important brands: Admiral, Tecnomar, NCA Refit and Celi.

High quality craftsmanship’s, material selection, attention to details, passion and style, innovation in design with respect to traditions, advanced technologies, prestige and hospitality - these are the values that distinguishes the company’s ethos, a philosophy that is a fine example of Italian excellence. Together with The Italian Sea Group, the purpose of Admiral is to provide their clients with unparalleled bespoke superyachts.

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