It is well-known that Feadship do not build superyachts, rather they build Feadships. This ethos is the cornerstone of the philosophy of the Dutch shipyard. Feadship stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. The group was founded in 1949 when six shipyards and Naval Architects agreed to pitch their high-quality products to the American market under the Feadship name. The many generations of craftsmen who launched iconic boats under the leadership of the De Vries and Van Lent families in the 1800s and first half of the 1900s are an integral part of the Feadship story. Each member of Feadship has a distinctive history and its own in-house standards and craftsmen. The shipyard has become synonymous with excellence, and those who can have the best, know to look no further.

What distinguishes a Feadship superyacht from any others? Every single creation showcases their relentless pursuit of perfection. Their design philosophy is simple: start from a blank page and the assume that everything is possible. They have set new standards in partnership with the clients they serve and are dedicated to maintaining the quality and extraordinary comfort for which the shipyard is renowned.

Feadship has launched well over five hundred superyachts during its long and distinguished history, including iconic vessels like ANNA (110m), SYMPHONY (101.50m), FAITH (96.55m) and LONIAN (87m).

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