Based in Germany, Lürssen is the leading shipyard for luxury superyacht construction in the world. Since 1875, four generations of Lürssen have cultivated the most refined skills and advanced technologies to create truly outstanding vessels. Their connection to shipbuilding is as deep-rooted and individual as family bonds can be. When the company founder Friedrich Lürssen said, “leading in quality and performance, that should be my company’s reputation”, he was stating the values the reputed shipyard continues to uphold to this day.

Lürssen shipyard is a fantastic success story: from the modest producer of small projects and racing boats to the leading producer of customised superyachts and high-quality specialised ships. Since then, more than thirteen thousand projects have left the Lürssen docks. Each one a true original and a magnificent specimen of its type. Lürssen superyachts are as individual as their owners – from experienced yachtsmen to newcomers, from 60m to more than 180m in length. The yachts developed by the shipyard hand-in-hand with the customers and the world’s finest yacht designers and technical advisors such as Imperial, span the full spectrum. Yet as diverse as these individual projects are, they all share one quality. They are built and shaped by the Lürssen family’s deep knowledge and commitment to custom superyacht-building.

With Imperial, Lürssen delivered the remarkable ARKLEY (60m), the majestic AMADEA (106.10m) – known to be the most detailed superyacht ever built, as well as one of the most impressive superyacht projects in this decade, FLYING FOX (136m) and her iconic curved lines.

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