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Building the perfect super yacht goes beyond just the main vessel; the right water toys and tenders are also fundamental to ensuring the enjoyment of all on board. În an industry of such uninhibited scale and grandeur, the tenders and toys might appear relatively modest, but that certainly doesn’t alter our approach. On the contrary, the design and construction of each craft is  still managed with the same integrated systems, the same specialist attention and the same professional respect as a full-scale superyacht project. During each yacht construction project, our specialist teams will happily oversee the creation or purchase of the toys and tenders. Imperial’s expertise encompasses every conceivable form of marine recreation, from helicopters and submersibles to giant water slides, personal watercraft and Seabobs. Whether it’s the private three-seat submersible on Fast Support Vessel 6711, RoMEA’s classic limo tender or the scimitar-bowed limo tender launch on EVENT, our pioneering work continues to garner international acclaim at prestigious events like the ShowBoats Design Awards.

Our expertise extends also with helicopters, giant water slides, jet skis, sea bobs, and much more. Among one of our best achievements has been to be confirmed as Certified Construction Supervisor of custom Submarines, a pride we are sharing with our clients by exceeding their initial ideas and creating these exclusive facilities. Imperial’s expertise is not limited to super yacht or mega yacht construction: we are unlimited when we talk about making your experience on board unforgettable.

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Our considerable experience with the main shipyards in Northern Europe and Italy allows you to benefit from our impressive superyacht construction knowledge: whether you are ready to build your ideal vessel, or need advice regarding the right shipyard, the perfect exterior and interior designs that suit your tastes, we would be delighted to accompany you in achieving your dream superyacht.

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